• Jaro Colton

    Jaro Colton

    (madness_) Sharp-shooting Cowboy Showman
  • Lucia Rehl

    Lucia Rehl

    (Evie) Former Slave Turned Survivalist
  • Melana Nurin

    Melana Nurin

    (Blackfyre) Meditative Twi'lek Jedi Padawan
  • Myraa Dilome

    Myraa Dilome

    (thefatkid22) Zeltron Scoundrel in search of HIM
  • Sahl Dejahn

    Sahl Dejahn

    (mactrent) The scout from the colonies with a rifle. a conscience and some new friends
  • Taergal


    (Taergal) Last of his clan seeking redemption or revenge. Which he can obtain first will decide his fate..
  • Talohn 'WOOKIEE' Atar

    Talohn 'WOOKIEE' Atar

    (dragonwielder) Cathar New to The Force
  • Verdian Cyn

    Verdian Cyn

    (SpookyBee) Non-Brainwashed Mirilian Padawan
  • Xykastanine


    (justagirl) Hulking female bodyguard... with a penchant for cooking
  • Blaire Ronak

    Blaire Ronak

    Young Miralukan Noble; Mother of Talohn's Child
  • D'Jet


    (^^D`Jet^^) Core-Worlder on the Move for Fun and Profit
  • Dewkazza


    Madclaw Wookiee Bounty Hunter
  • Havok Ulgo

    Havok Ulgo

    Former Jedi. Current troubleshooter for Czerka. Sith Lord by night?
  • Kashyyyk NPCs

    Kashyyyk NPCs

    Insanely forested home of the Wookiees; Czerka's Plaything; Something to Dig For...
  • Raigen


    Gambling Mechanic Captain with a Piracy Bent
  • Senator Ronak

    Senator Ronak

    Miralukan Noble; Talohn's Wouldn't-Be Father-In-Law
  • Tyron Fel

    Tyron Fel

    Ambitious Young Jedi