Jaro Colton

(madness_) Sharp-shooting Cowboy Showman


Wherever he may be, Colton wears a beaten duster jacket over his normal clothes. Those, of course, being whatever feels the most comfortable and flexible.

His performance outfit sees a bedazzling cowboy-esque getup, to go along with his attitude and his show.

And finally, there’s his tuxedo for the events rich people and famous people get drunk at. It gets a wash every now and then – mainly right before one of these said events.

Colton’s often taken as sardonic. Dry as he might be sometimes, he’s at least more forgiving than the lines on his face make him out to be. When on a stage, his gruff mien and normally explosive disposition make him an outstanding performer when it comes to making trick shots and donning an act. When he’s not on a stage, he’s usually about his wits. He’s about as delicate as a brick wall, when it comes to it those kinds of matters.


Jaro Colton

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