Kashyyyk NPCs

Insanely forested home of the Wookiees; Czerka's Plaything; Something to Dig For...


Czerka Trading Post 41108

The only civilized settlement on the entire planet. The only settlement above the tops of the mighty wyorshyyr trees. The one and only authorized store for Czerka wageslaves personnel to buy goods and services. The only spaceport, and the only part of the planet not off-limits without the express permission of Overseer Vao. This is that place. It contains the store, the swoop garage, and 100% of known permanent, non-primitive housing. It contains a highly secure domicile for the Overseer, as well as a collection of smaller homes for his bean-counters, support staff, and security personnel. The dock workers have a shared barracks, and are not above petty theft and mugging off-worlders when they can get away with it. Which they often can.


Czerka Planetary Overseer Vao: Czerka’s internal Department of Sapient Resources doesn’t hear many complaints about this Twi’lek. That’s probably because his underlings are not allowed to make off-planet calls. Every person under his command is just one more asset, one more cog in the machine, and he’ll make sure they keep moving, or replace them. He’ll make his superiors glad they placed him in charge of this investment, or he’ll pin it on an underling. Either way, he’d like out of here soon. The party’s trouble-making is beginning to be a thorn in his side, but he doesn’t know who they are.

Rwookrrorro (Chuundar’s village)

Just beyond Czerka’s conquest range when the party arrived secretly on the surface, this village was strangely well protected from enslavement. Now, it might well be the center of an anti-Czerka militia campaign.


[Deposed] Chieftain Chuundar: Chieftain of the village when the party arrived, they discovered that he, likely in league with Henchaak, had been selling his own citizens discreetly to Czerka, along with information on likely spots to search for ancient pieces of an artifact they wanted. He has been sentenced by the village at large to imprisonment so that his knowledge may be used against Czerka. Naturally, he doesn’t like the party much.

Chief Hunter Verrven: The strong and understanding leader of the village’s hunters, as well as silent ‘sergeant at arms’ for official assemblies, Verrven takes the welfare of the village and its guests to heart. He has found the party to be both likeable in their (off-worlder ways, that is), and possibly useful against Czerka.

[Self-Banished to Die] Chief Elder Ardar: ‘Retired’ himself in a ceremony not long after the party arrived, in hindsight, he’d sacrificed himself to score political points, delaying Chuundar’s condemnation of the party until they had proof of his corruption. The Elder Council still operates as nearly as they can according to his principles of selflessness and virtue in the face of oppression, and embracing help from the do-gooders in the party.


The surface of Kashyyyk, shaded even at noon by hundreds of meters of foliage, is home to a few large, ground-dwelling predators, a great number of climbing and flying omnivores, a smattering of Czerka mining and manufacturing camps full of enslaved Wookiees, and one wandering former Jedi hermit. Among other things.


Jolee Bindo: Widower, castaway, and former Jedi, Jolee has been living alone (as far as we know) for nearly 20 years. You’d think he’d be happy to see people, but his checkered past has left him pretty gruff and unwilling to admit to affection. One might suspect, from his grouchy willingness to help, that he’s been discreetly keeping an eye on things and baffling Czerka’s expeditionary forces while keeping himself a secret.

Hechaak (the Albino): ‘Trusted’ lieutenant of the corrupt chieftain Chuundar, Henchaak had been sent to be the party’s guide. He managed to lead them into a waiting Czerka ambush, before disappearing back to the village to report them as traitors. When they returned with evidence of Chuundar’s wrongdoing (in which he was complicit), and he failed to gain further evidence to discredit them, he nearly attacked anyway. He was last seen fleeing the village, with multiple witnesses to the near-attack of an innocent village guest.


Discovered within the last few decades, the planet has come under the mighty fist of Czerka Corperation. The vast natural resource of wood that covers the planet, and even those abundant beneath its surface, aren’t all that lucrative, but there’s a bit more to the planet than meets the eye. And so, Czerka has claimed it unilaterally as theirs, without a Republic large and strong enough to stop them.

The local sapient species, the Wookiees, despite their large, hairy frames and archaic culture, seem to posess minds and fingers that are startlingly adept at high-technology. The introduction of extraterrestrial knowledge, though, needs to be kept secret lest the populace that hasn’t been enslaved trade or invent defenses that can give Czerka a hard time recouping their investment. It helps that Wookiees are also good at manual labor, so they are subdued and sold en masse, or used to build or excavate bases for their captors directly.

Recently, Czerka Overseer Vao has had a thorn in his side – a highly trained strike team of off-worlders has infiltrated his even more secret base, making off with some off-world slaves with a limited amount of sensitive information. They’ve released the Wookiee workers that were the front for the off-worlders’ work as a diversion, and he’s had to send off the garrison to retrieve or kill them before their escape gives too much hope to any insurgents.

Kashyyyk NPCs

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