Lucia Rehl

(Evie) Former Slave Turned Survivalist


Player: Evie
Character Sheet

Species: Valha
Body Type: Humanoid
Sex: Female
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5’6’’ (1.67 m)
Weight: 87 lbs. (39.5 kg)


A member of a very social species, Czerka’s goons were surprised to find her traveling without more of her kind. A quick test of her technical knowledge, and she found herself in a mining outpost on the surface of Kashyyyk. She was ‘hired’ and added to Overseer Vao’s secret project team – reverse-engineering pieces of an archaic device. She made friends with the other unwilling employees, including a Bothan named Jaldir. Ever since the party’s break-in to this facility, she’s been looking to join up for the sake of protection. Plus, they’re not all bad people, anyway.

Lucia Rehl

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