Senator Ronak

Miralukan Noble; Talohn's Wouldn't-Be Father-In-Law


Mortified at the discovery of his daughter Blaire’s pregnancy with the child of Talohn Atar, the senator of Empress Teta hired Dewkazza to bring the young Cathar back alive.

Frustrated in this, he was rather surprised when Talohn walked into his office of his own volition. He offered the young ne’er-do-well much more than he expected such a tramp to make in his life, in exchange for an agreement never to approach the family again. His confusion at Talohn only grew as this was refused, with a counter-offer: “Send me a picture of the kid when he’s born. Keep your damn money.”

He’s not been heard from since, but there’s every possibility that the Miralukan senator will want to wipe out any connection to the vagrant Cathar. Blaire is already someplace far from society, where Talohn will “never see her again.”


Senator Ronak

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