Verdian Cyn

(SpookyBee) Non-Brainwashed Mirilian Padawan


Aggressive but controlled. Verdian Cyn is a heavily offensive duelist with a lightsaber, and isn’t afraid to use unconventional tactics or unfair advantages against an enemy to overcome them.

With an average build, Verdian has long, dark-grey hair and carries a relaxed stance, even in combat, where she flows and strikes much like a crashing wave.

Along her spine, Verdian has a tattoo pattern of thorned vines intertwining along her spinal column, as well as a shield tattooed on each of her shoulders, each bearing three diamonds.

As with most Jedi, Verdian commonly wears tan robes, though beneath she wears a black-grey uniform with thick, brown leather plates.


Her Master having been sent a request from the council on Coruscant, but felt it less pressing than matters on her assigned world, Verdian was sent to the nearby world of Kashyyyk. In the process of tracking down the relic she was to retrieve, she came across Talohn, coincidentally(?) also going to see the corrupt Wookiee chieftain, Chuundar.

Verdian Cyn

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