Party Possessions

The August

Stat-wise: Corellian YT-1300 (Core book) with “a couple of modifications”. These include quad-laser turrets, a small but extremely stocked medbay, extra bunks, and a smugglers’ compartment hidden in… well, hidden.

Raigen is the captain, Sahl first mate, and Talohn second mate. IC, this was purchased by those three, and new crew members get a standard stock option as part of their employment. OOC, the ship’s profits are the way that the level-appropriate amount of wealth can be funneled to the PCs without having them find money on the ground after every fight.

Swoop bikes

On Kashyyyk, the party has acquired six swoop bikes through various means (a sixth was used as a trap). They’re all the same model, and all are official property of Czerka. Contained in the saddle bags and compartments are rations for a few weeks, tents, utensils, and a force-field for keeping the smell in when cooking.

Quest Items

Drugs Against Drugs – Back in Rwookrrorro, the party has left a supply of one of the drugs that Czerka uses to pacify their Wookiee prisoners. The intent, when they return, is to develop countermeasures against it.

Czerka Surface Guard’s Commlink – Belonging to the guard that was killed during the ambush, this commlink probably links straight back to Czerka’s base on the surface of Kashyyyk, the one nearest the Wookiee village of Rwookrrorro.

Czerka Security Uniforms – Three uniforms in good shape, from stunned or captured patrols.

Belkar’s Datadisc – Found by Melana hidden within the material of the Mando’s rucksack, the party plans to discuss this with him before deciding whether to try to read it.

Skill Items

  • Mechanical Interface Visor (KOTOR book)

Weapons (not licensed!)

  • Blast Helmet and Vest x2 (Common)
  • Blaster Rifle x5 (Restricted)
  • Blaster Pistol x2 (Restricted)
  • Frag Grenade x1 (Military)

Party Possessions

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