We’re a group of role-players that meet on the Darkmyst.org IRC network and play a single campaign set in the Old Republic, 4,000 years before A New Hope (3966 BBY, to be precise). We use the out-of-print Star Wars – Saga Edition RPG, from the creators of D&D.

You can stop in any time to chat or to join us, using IRC from your browser or with any IRC client connected to irc.darkmyst.org, channel #SW_OOC. If you don’t see any activity, you can still ask a question or say hello, and we’ll get back to you when we reopen our client programs.

Scheduling is ad-hoc, but we try for at least one group session a week, generally on Tuesday or Thursday evenings CST. Sessions between time are available with a GM upon request, but the ‘main plot’ is left for group sessions, where everyone can participate. The GM always leaves behind a description of the time and place the players can be, so that character interactions can be had any time.

We have a separate channel for free-form roleplaying, where anyone can drop in at any time! Check it out at #Cantina.

Read Our Stories

The Adventure Log section isn’t currently used, but you can get a feel for how the game’s going by seeing the story threads in our Current-Adventure page. Characters are linked there with the relevant plot-threads that connect them.

Join Us!

Think you’d like to join in the game and main story line? FFRP is available to all, but here’s what the game part takes:

  1. Read through our Community & General Rules page. If you have a disagreement or think we missed a rule, let’s talk about it. The point is, this is a game. Be nice, have fun, and keep it PG-13.
  2. Create an account on MythWeavers , and make a publicly viewable character sheet. The template is “Star Wars Saga”.
  3. Get a hold of the books, if only in digital form. If in doubt, ask. Also check out our collection of other Saga Edition Resources, which can save a lot of time when making or leveling your character.
  4. Follow the character creation rules from the Core Rulebook and our own walk-through, and feel free to ask any questions not answered there.


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