Sahl Dejahn

(mactrent) The scout from the colonies with a rifle. a conscience and some new friends


An orange, horned man stands straight as you approach, his tattooed face impassive. His manner may seem condescending, as he stiffly motions you to a chair. He sits as soon as you have, then pauses a moment to study your face with sharp, but surprisingly kind red eyes.

In the course of your business this evening, you find everything else about him to be sharp, save his carefully rounded horns. His clothes are clean and pressed, albeit showing signs of weathering. It doesn’t take long before he seems to have noticed little things about you as well, reflecting back your positive reactions and allowing you to feed off of his energy.

If you’re of a more cynical bent, you’ll grudgingly acknowledge he’s got a raw, untrained talent for manipulation. The more insightful will perceive that this is only from his intense candor, as the young Iridonian invests passion and truth into everything he says. Business concluded, he’ll send you off with a firm handshake, but no pat on the back. He may like you a lot, but he’s not one to get chummy.

“Time to get to work.”


Sahl’s own story revolves around his older brother Jarm, now a hit-man for a corrupt branch of the Republic Intelligence Commission.

More information on that in his character sheet

Since I took over GMing this campaign, Sahl’s own story will happen more off-screen than the rest of the PCs. While he’s still a PC and a member of the party, he’ll play only a supporting, rather than leading role during group events.

Sahl Dejahn

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