(Taergal) Last of his clan seeking redemption or revenge. Which he can obtain first will decide his fate..


His head is kept shaved down to the scalp, his face has a shadow of stubble from time to time, his eyes are always colorless. Taergal is of an athletic build, a testament to the harsh lifestyle of his primitive origins.


Taergal’s race is that of branch from the Miraluka, his species retained their physical eyes, but they are useless as they do not provide them with physical sight. His people are from a nameless backwater planet where life was harsh, forcing them to learn from the other species that inhabited their world with them, learning to become Hunters and Raiders in order to survive. His people were primitive, but they could recognize those who were sensitive to the force, and utilized them by separating them into two groups, Warriors, those who were of a violent nature were tasked to raid rival clans and return with any resources they could take. And Protectors, those who felt the call to stay with the Village and protect the tribe from raiders while the Warriors were away.
On the night he was to undergo his rite of passage and be chosen either as a Warrior or Protector is a shattered memory for Taergal. All he remembers is blood and fire. The bodies of his Clansmen lay all around him. He also remembers saving his Fathers, the clans War Chief, Ancient weapon, a nebula blue lightsaber. But everything beyond that is shrouded in darkness. He awakened in a slave collar being transported to the Czerka camp on Kashyyk.


Cinnagar Taergal