About This Game


Where and how to join us is mentioned on our front page, but when? We’re most likely to be available in the mid-to-late evenings, CST. Thursdays, in general, seem to have worked out well for scheduled events.

Anyone is free to drop in and do some non-diced, non-directed roleplay with interested parties at any time. If you want to join our other characters on dice-rolling, stat-tracking missions, please let us know so we can get you started!

If you have any questions, please drop in and ask!


We’re in the Old Republic era (which players may be familiar with from the KOTOR games). Currently, we’re leading up to the Mandolorian Wars that led (in the games’ backstory) to Revan’s fall to the dark side. We have decided, however, to replace Revan with our very own Tyron Fel, so we can be a bit closer to the action!

Currently the party is all the crew of the August, a freighter not terribly unlike the Millennium Falcon for feel. New characters can find any number of creative employments, and there will be opportunities for all. Except maybe slavers.

Modus Operandi & GM-ing Philosophy

Please check out our Community & General Rules page to see what kind of behavior we’d like to encourage.

About This Game

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