Rule Zero

We’re all here to have fun. Be respectful of other players, GMs, and spectators.

Other Rules

  • PG-13 Channel content both IC and OOC is rated at PG-13, maximum. Take more adult content than that to a new channel, or just PM.
  • Sensitivity We’re a diverse community, so just be sensitive when making broad remarks or jokes about RL people.
  • Idling You’re free to idle in IC channels unless specifically asked not to do so. Knock yourself out!
  • Initiative & Posting Order Most of the time, you can post in any order you like. For GM-lead battles, though, the Initiative rules in Saga Edition apply. Have a look at how we do combat here .
  • Disintigration of NPCs Welcome …but don’t do that to a player character. We’d like any PC’s death to be due to an informed decision on the part of the player, so no fair wailing on a PC that’s already been downed.
  • NO JAR JAR TALK. No, seriously, though. ;)

House-Ruled Mechanics & GM Philosophy

GMs will attempt to follow the Saga Edition rules as intended (RAI), with a few of our own rulings and modifications. Major ones you may want to take advantage of and that may effect game balance will be listed under House Rules.

All GM rulings are meant to let the game progress more smoothly, increase player agency, or create the opportunity for enjoyable IC drama. We’re on your side, and no matter what level you are, you’ll have something useful to do.

If you think we got a rule or a call wrong, take a second to calmly explain why. We may still go with the original call, but we’ll get it straight for next time. Thanks for your help!

Best Practices to be a Fun Player

  • All Our Characters Are Awesome! Build connections with others to draw out their strong points and stories. You’ll find they reciprocate.
  • No Character Is Useless Feel useless during a session? Ask the GM (or the other players!) what your character could be doing right now. There is definitely a way you can help the party, even if it feels small at first.
  • XP Comes to Those Who Play Want to catch up XP-wise to the party? Ask a GM for a side-quest or a solo adventure! Even if you don’t have a specific goal your character would be working toward, we can brainstorm a goal and circumstances to let you have a compelling story, roll your dice, and gain XP. The real win is, you’re having fun too.
  • Timing Is Everything Need to AFK, or something comes up in the middle of an RP? Let other players know as soon as you do, so the story can continue smoothly.
  • Know Thyself For die-rolling, GM-lead events, take a minute to go over your character sheet. Look up anything you’re hazy on, to save time during the crunch.
  • Hot-buttons There are sometimes themes within the PG-13 rating that not everyone is comfortable exploring, even IC. Just be considerate; it doesn’t hurt to ask.


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