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Finding Havok Ulgo

Destiny-bound padawans Melana Nurin and Tyron Fel have been tasked by the Jedi Council with finding and bringing to justice a former Jedi, in whom the taint of the Dark Side has been strongly sensed by the council. He’s currently believed to have fled to Hutt-controlled space, and is known to have ties with Czerka Corperation.

The crew of the August has agreed to help track him down, but the bills must be paid meanwhile. They’ll transit trade goods and medical supplies as they go, which is what brings them to Kashyyyk. They meet Jaro Colton as he rescues some passing colonists from a group of Czerka hang-abouts.

Some Sort of Local Trouble

The native sapient species of Kashyyyk, the Wookiees, have been enslaved in large numbers, providing raw labor power, as well as a valuable commodity for the oppressive and impersonal Czerka Corporation. In a bid to help out the natives, D’Jet smuggled some drugs down to the forbidden surface of the forested planet, hoping to help them find an antidote to Czerka’s control substances.

The entire party (minus Raigen and Tyron), are puled much deeper into things than expected when Chuundar, the chieftain, requires them to get a good sense of the enemy’s strength before honor allows the village to accept their help.

Uncontrollable Force

Talohn Atar has recently become aware of a disturbingly strong affinity he seems to have for the Force. Deeply upset by recent events with Blaire Ronak, and with the memories of a traumatic childhood that Czerka’s slavery brings to the fore, he’s having a tough time keeping a lid on things.


On the densely shaded surface of Kashyyyk, the party has been sent on a mission for the Wookiees of the local village. Only after scouting out the Czerka work-camps near the spaceport will the Wookiees accept their help. There was also an insignificant request to ‘put down’ any mad-claw they might encounter.

Melana senses a presence through the Force, someone nearby and aware of their every move, biding his/her time to see how they act. Their guide, an albino Wookiee with an apparent hatred for all(?) outsiders, gave them the slip just as they were ambushed by conveniently waiting Czerka employees, including a Mandalorian under contract.

Their ambush ruined and themselves outnumbered, the Mando and one of the guards surrender. In order to preserve the the Mando (Belkar Yulds)’s honor at being captured still standing, he engaged in a fist-fight with Jaro. By a narrow margin, Jaro won the duel, passing out next to his opponent.

Sahl and D’Jet, scouting out patrol paths a while later, were surprised to see what appeared to be a blind slave making his weary way across the forest floor. The young Miralukan, Taergal, had managed to incite a minor slave uprising which, though quickly put down, allowed himself and an unknown number of Wookiees to escape.

Catching a one-in-a-million chance as they come across an acquintance within Czerka, they sieze the opportunity to infiltrate the camp, where they find an unexpected group of off-worlder slaves tucked away in a back corner of Czerka’s work-camp.

Lucia Rehl, and her friend Jaldir, along with five other slaves of various species, had been working with a high degree of secrecy on a project only known to the carelessly callous Czerka Overseer Vao.

Working with the party to neutralize all of the data they can access, the group of former slaves gratefully makes their escape with them. The Wookiees’ slave collars are ingeneously disabled by the party, allowing a much more costly uprising, for both sides, as they disappear into the night, and make haste to warn Chuundar and the other Wookiees of the village before Czerka’s retaliation makes its way there.

They’ve temporarily lost their Cathar friend,Talohn, though, as he solemnly went back towards the sounds of blasters, Wookiee roars of pent-up, exhausted rage, and the dying cries of sapient beings on both sides.

Next Time…

Talohn meets with someone he did not expect, as he manages to distract and delay some of Czerka’s troops long enough for some Wookiees near him to escape…

After an arduous trip back to Chuundar’s village, the party, along with the off-world slaves that had been rescued, comes to deliver the news. But what will he think of their missing guide, and what will he offer them in return for their help with his people in crisis?

Information on quest items and party resources can be found on the Party Possessions page.


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