Transport & Arbitrage

Characters that travel from one place to another and have room to transport goods can invest their money to turn a profit most of the time. This is done with a straight 1d20 roll when buying, and one when selling (the roll isn’t tied to a skill, it’s just luck + circumstances). The interpretation of results into prices is in the table at the bottom.

The circumstances mentioned are situational, and you can roll skills to improve your chances for the actual buy/sell roll. The maximum bonus you can get on either roll is a +5, but you get there through a combination of the factors below (limits are to keep things fun and the story moving forward):

  • Buy the right goods – is it specifically listed (in the Gazeteer section in the rulebooks) as a major export or import of the planet you’re buying/selling on? This could make a massive +5/-5 difference! Major imports/exports are considered to be common knowledge, and don’t require a roll.
  • Shop Around (Gather Information) – This can get you up to a +3 for buying/selling, depending how well you roll to find the person most in need of the goods or money you offer.
  • You’re In A Pinch – This is supposed to be a hard roll, but sometimes, the buyer/seller just needs this transaction more than they let on. Get +5 if you get ~25 on a Perception check. (subject to change)
  • I Know What I’m Looking For – Roll Knowledge (relevant skill) if applicable to pick the best merchandise, or to show a buyer that your goods are superior. Dealing in computers? Knowledge (Technology) will help, here!
  • Haggle (Persuasion) – “Why not cut me a deal?” You can get a maximum of +3 (with an excellent roll) to cajole a better price from the buyer/seller.

Be careful, though: for each roll you make, there’s a potential for backfire!

Prices Based on Buy Roll

Roll Result
-4 – -1 Market price + 25%
0-4 Market price + 20%
5-9 Market price + 10%
10-14 Market price
15-19 Market price – 10%
20-24 Market price – 20%
25 Market price – 25%

The prices you can sell your goods for once you reach your destination are, of course, the inverse.

Transport & Arbitrage

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