Booster Credits

As detailed in the character creation page, new PCs begin at level 1 and work their way up from there. While GMs will always ensure that players have something useful and fun to do (Rule Zero!), one way to round out starting characters’ options a bit more is to get better/more advanced equipment than is available with your starting credits.

In order to do this without breaking balance for the game overall, you’ll “borrow” OOC player-to-player, so that no new credits beyond those you’re entitled to enter the game. This ‘loan’ is interest-free, and can be used for any equipment you’d like your character to start with, pretending IC that you had the money all along. Ask around – someone will be able to spare you enough credits to get your running start. It helps if they know they get a little XP on the side, for it.

Does this mean you won’t be able to buy anything new for a while? It could, but doesn’t have to. Does this mean that you have to RP your character as being in debt and/or dirt poor? NO! It just means you have more gear than you would otherwise have by now. That expensive gun the first players had to save up to buy? You get it right away. Enjoy. You’ll be able to spy out new gear or investment opportunities in no time.

Character Sheets

The borrowing player should mark down the prices of various purchases, subtract the starting money he/she gets, then note OOC Owes <player> <resulting_credits>. The borrowing player keeps their total amount of credits, but adds a -<credits>, loaned to <player> below it, to show not all of that can be used right now.

Booster Credits

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